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HOWTO: Run a Linux Live CD ISO Inside Windows

Posted by Luigi on May 28, 2007

Too impatient to burn your iso image file to a CD and try your newly downloaded distro? here’s a not-less-than-1-minute howto to run your Live CD inside Windows. πŸ™‚

“not-less-than-1-minute” = assuming you have downloaded and installed all necesarry files.

Here is the originial link:

Here is my summarized version:

1. Download and install vmware player from and extract this config file to any desired folder to run live CDs from

2. Open the file named OS.vmx (VMWare Configuration File, 1Kb) with notepad.

3. On the line that says “C:\Your file” change it to point to your linux live cd iso file. For example, mine is D:\OS\pclinuxos-2007 since i copy pasted my file to where i extracted the OS zip files.

note: do not delete the double quotes when you edit the file

4. Now click on OS.vmx to start your “live cd booting”.

5. Have fun. πŸ™‚


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